JONK and the YURT Academy | A Partnership Created Through Shared Values and Philosophies

How to nurture, cultivate and integrate curiosity across all aspects of work and of life using the Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) philosophy and approach

Curiosity opens up endless opportunities for us all within all aspects of our lives. Curiosity enables us to develop the invaluable quality of being intrinsically motivated to want to learn, to know, to discover, to postulate new ideas, to discuss different alternatives, to wonder and to explore wisdom in a way that makes anything and everything seem exciting and possible.

In this workshop, we will explore the principles that underpin the Joy of Not Knowing philosophy of education and of life that has evolved through a lifetime of practice in the worlds of science and of education.

We will learn why it is so transformational to enjoy not knowing and to nurture our creativity at each of the four different stages of learning that the JONK model identifies and that apply to all aspects of our lives. We will explore how to use curiosity to become experts of creative, critical and philosophical thinking and as a way of developing the dispositions, skills and strategies that enable us to structure our thinking, develop our communication skills, view concepts from different points of view and thrive as lifelong learners.

Participants will:

  • Understand the processes that define the different stages of learning and transform the way they perceive the learning process and themselves as learners
  • Overcome barriers and develop intrinsic motivation
  • Develop strategies that promote curiosity across all areas of work and life
  • Obtain a wide range of curiosity-enabling practical tools; thinking skills starters, philosophy to explore objectives at work, concept lines, fortune lines, concept cartoons, resilience, reflectiveness, resourcefulness, creativity, problem solving strategies, mind-mapping, concept maps, De Bono’s Hats and PMIs, improvisation and the multi-factorial lens of perspectives for every aspect being considered

‘Inspirational to the point of transformational’ (Headteacher, Isle of Man)

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Success Stories

JONKing at Coastal Federation was one of the best things we’ve done to inspire our children- go for it!

- Coastal Federation | Norfolk

Marcelo Staricoff is amazing and inspiring

- Teacher | Brighton

Thank you for the JONK Course, excellent course and I can’t wait to start!

- Teacher | JONK Course

Great examples, brilliant presentation

- Headteacher | JONK Course

Lovely to hear so much passion and enthusiasm with lots of excellent ideas of how to run a JONK school. Today gave me a good picture of what it can look like and how it can work for us

- Headteacher | JONK Course

Inspiring stories of how children have been transformed by the JONK approach

- Headteacher | JONK Course