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JONK INSET Day at Hopton Primary School | VNET (Norfolk)

03 Sep 19

  • Hopton Primary School is one of VNET's established JONK Schools in Norfolk.
  • This INSET Day will launch the academic year at Hopton Primary School. 
  • The day will introduce new staff to the JONK approach and equip the school with all they need to run a JONK Learning to Learn Week.

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Success Stories

JONKing at Coastal Federation was one of the best things we’ve done to inspire our children- go for it!

- Coastal Federation | Norfolk

Marcelo Staricoff is amazing and inspiring

- Teacher | Brighton

Thank you for the JONK Course, excellent course and I can’t wait to start!

- Teacher | JONK Course

Great examples, brilliant presentation

- Headteacher | JONK Course

Lovely to hear so much passion and enthusiasm with lots of excellent ideas of how to run a JONK school. Today gave me a good picture of what it can look like and how it can work for us

- Headteacher | JONK Course

Inspiring stories of how children have been transformed by the JONK approach

- Headteacher | JONK Course