Challenge in the Curriculum

Intellectual challenge is an integral part of all parts of the teaching and learning process and of the opportunities offered to the children beyond the classroom and beyond the school day. JONK introduces a number of initiatives that enable children to develop a love for learning, taking risks, exploring the unknown and playing intellectually.

Success Stories

I had the most amazing day with the philosophy masterclass. We had great feedback from the teacher Mr S.

- Philosophy | Masterclass

D said it was the “best day ever”

- Philosophy | Masterclass

Marcelo Staricoff is amazing and inspiring

- Teacher | Brighton

JONKing at Coastal Federation was one of the best things we’ve done to inspire our children- go for it!

- Coastal Federation | Norfolk

Thank you for the JONK Course, excellent course and I can’t wait to start!

- Teacher | JONK Course

Great examples, brilliant presentation

- Headteacher | JONK Course