ITT, NQTs and Early Career Teachers

Liaising with initial teaching training providers to seek opportunities to share concepts, practical ideas and methodologies that are known to inspire children with their learning in the classroom and that trainee teachers can easily adopt as part of their practices and when they launch onto their first substantive post. These lectures or tutorial sessions can include all aspects of teaching and learning, motivation and behaviour, challenge for all in the curriculum, leadership and management, assessment and links with home and the community 
Inspiring NQTs and teachers in their second and third year of teaching with lots of practical ideas that are known to inspire, enthuse, motivate and engage children with their learning and promote a values based, challenge-rich, enquiry led learning environment in their classrooms. These sessions also discuss how to encourage pupils to become leaders of their own learning and how to ensure that pupils are intrinsically motivated to learn and to become involved in whole school improvement initiatives. 
These courses or conferences are designed to introduce NQTs and student teachers to a wealth of easy to implement practical ideas, all illustrated with examples of children’s work across the age range and covering the following areas:
  • Learning Models
  • Personal Learning Models
  • Whole School Models
  • Should I Know Everything?
  • Thinking Skills Starters
  • Thinking Blackboard
  • Home Learning
  • Image of the Week
  • Mind Mapping
  • Concept Lines
  • Fortune Lines
  • Traffic Lights
  • De Bono’s Hats and PMIs
  • A Philosophical Approach to the Curriculum
  • Philosophy at Home and at School (Why Books)
  • Fermi Questions
  • Open Ended Challenge (Investigations)
  • Lifelong Learning Dimensions
  • Lifelong Learning Partners
  • The Dimensions Solve all Problems
  • The Dimensions Linked to Animals and to Value

Success Stories

I had the most amazing day with the philosophy masterclass. We had great feedback from the teacher Mr S.

- Philosophy | Masterclass

D said it was the “best day ever”

- Philosophy | Masterclass

Marcelo Staricoff is amazing and inspiring

- Teacher | Brighton

JONKing at Coastal Federation was one of the best things we’ve done to inspire our children- go for it!

- Coastal Federation | Norfolk

Thank you for the JONK Course, excellent course and I can’t wait to start!

- Teacher | JONK Course

Great examples, brilliant presentation

- Headteacher | JONK Course